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Dave: On 05-01-2012 07:26 Smh Kelvin Rodriguez: On 04-22-2012 03:24 Not enough words can describe this crap! Marsalis: On 04-21-2012 19:28 I feel you bro ! Richard: On 04-21-2012 18:48 Things like this make me wish I never started collecting shoes in the first place. Francisco: On 04-21-2012 18:29 Killing the game... Greedy fucks! Zy: On 04-21-2012 17:35 That's crazy. I posted some was selling Jordan 2 for $31,000 Marsalis: On 04-21-2012 15:11 Whoever is selling theses might as well say they keeping them... Never gone sale J: On 04-21-2012 14:53 The game just died Mister Oakleys: On 04-21-2012 14:49 Oh hell no. And I thought my local resellers were bad for selling them for $400. Alberto: On 04-21-2012 14:17 People need to realize that if their going to resell, they need to do it at a reasonable price. James: On 04-21-2012 14:12 These mf's killing the game bro. To me even though i have them, they worth 2 bills, $250 at the most